Gosh, I love Tifa. I’ve always wanted to give her a little tune-up in design, though. I’ve got nothing against a character being sexually appealing, but I felt like too much emphasis was placed on that aspect of her and not enough on her personality. These designs reflect my attempt to rectify that while staying faithful to her core appearance.

I used Aaron Diaz’s excellent article on character design as a guide to build my version of Tifa from the ground up. I designed her with an emphasis on triangles and curves, combining her hard-edged fighting persona with her alluring and caring sides. And of course she’s got some muscle tone – a girl who can beat the hell out of a tank has got to have some guns!

First thing once I had her body was to give her some underwear, including a decent bra with an underwire to keep the girls still while she flits about serving drinks and whooping ass.

I felt that a skimpy-ish outfit was more suited to bar tending than adventuring, so I made one version of her outfit geared toward those long nights at the Seventh Heaven. It’s a slightly sad fact that a low-cut shirt and some booty shorts will get you better tips if you’ve got a bod like Tifa’s, and I feel like she wouldn’t be above teasing just a bit to keep her income steady.

A few subtle changes gives her a more adventure-ready outfit: Tough boots, a nice pair of jeans, her signature gloves, and a sweet leather jacket for colder weather. (I based that jacket off a bit of fanart that’s been around forever and impossible to trace. You’ve likely seen it. I always thought the jacket looked boss.)

I also fooled with a few alternate hairstyles. I’m totally okay with her normal hair, as I feel that falls in the same category as Sephiroth’s: the Rule of Cool. But I thought it’d be nice to play with some more practical styles that would keep her hair out of her face, etc.

Enjoy folks!


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