After replaying lots of Final Fantasy VII stuff, being inspired by an AMAZING artist, and also being encouraged I finally did a quick sketch of one of my favourite characters from FFVII, Professor Hojo. What can I say? Extremely fucked up characters float my boat as much as the adorkable ones!

But seriously though after going through a lot of tags and reading a shit ton of metas and headcanons and analysis on Hojo, I started to appreciate how complex he actually was which is terribly interesting.

Another interesting thing I noticed about Hojo was how tired he looks whenever I bump into him (currently playing Crisis Core), so I wanted to really convey him in a moment where he’s just DEAD tired. Also that plus his constant ‘so done’ resting bitch face is just A TREAT to draw! I realised his ponytail should be looser around the tie though. I shall fix that in the future.

I will be doing a finished version of this soon. I will also be doing another fucked up (but I love them for it) scientist from this universe, Lucrecia! The couple shall be complete… SOON.

This is for said amazing artist, crimson-sun, and the person who encouraged me and is also an amazing writer, karanguni!


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