Just when you think he’ll never out-dork himself, he always finds a way.

#omg #these adorable dorks #cloud eventually takes the chocobo – very reluctantly – at zack’s insistence #it sits by his bed like an embarrassing secret #and maybe he gets a little attached to it #attached enough that he sneaks it along on the mission to nibelheim as a comfort thing #then the world crashes down on them #nibelheim burns #they get so close to midgar #only for zack to die on that cliff #cloud doesn’t remember anything just the deep painful ache in his heart that he can’t explain #he joins up with avalanche and they end up in nibelheim along their quest #rebuilt like it had never been burned #and there in the inn #a little charred at the wings and grey with age and soot #shoved in a corner and forgotten about #is his chocobo #it makes him uncomfortable to leave it behind but he really has no justification for wanting to take it so badly #until he gets his memories back after mideel #the first thing he does is go back and collect his chocobo and clutch it to his chest #and finally mourns zack’s death #….i’m sorry #that was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY #i just punched myself in the feels why #T^T (via asreoninfusion)



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