Rapunzel and Aerith (or Aeris) are easily two of my all time favorite fantasy gals! I always wanted to draw them together hanging out :’) We’ll just pretend this is an alternate universe where NO SAD THINGS HAPPENED IN 7….ok? *sniffle*
The two of them are spending some time in the Sector 5 Church where Aerith likes to garden. Rapunzel was so inspired by Aerith’s amazing stories about her big adventure, that she painted a few things on the wall to brighten the dusty, debris littered church.

Fun similarities:
They’re both healers
They both have an affinity for colorful flowers
They were both voiced by Mandy Moore (KH1 for Aerith))
They both have stunning green eyes
I’m sure I could think of more, but you get where I’m going with this! :‘P

See the alt version with Aerith’s coat here


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