I’m still laughing at that FFVII’s Monopoly. Just think about the Luck Cards.

“You won the Chocobo Race! Go to the Gold Saucer to get your prize!”

“You need to buy a dress to seduce Don Corneo – Pay 100 gils”

“The Turks had caught on to you! Pay 50 gils to buy them drink until they forget to chase you”

“You’ve been Mind Controlled by Sephiroth, go back to Nibelheim and pass two row until you get controle back”

“You’ve been stabbed by Sephiroth! Go in the Lifestream without passing by the starting point”

“Sephiroth successfully invocated Meteor and it’s the end of the world. Flip the board off and start the game again”


!!! Alarm for FFVII community



Tumblr is on the auction block. Back up your writing and art and headcanons. 

See the other post I just reblogged for ways to do that. 

Please reblog/notify the entire FFVII tumblr community together, okay?

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Is there an easy tool to back up?

Also don’t panic – Tumblr is still valuable, we are being sold not closed.

Here’s hoping Google buys Tumblr.

wordpress has an option to import all your posts and drafts, plus it’s similarly customizable and free ^^ it literally took me less than 5 minutes to make an account and start importing

so if this site does implode in the near future, you guys can find a backup of my blog here: thebackwaterexperts.wordpress.com

also, once pillowfort is complete, you can bet I’ll be making an account over there too